My Birthday.

Today's my birthday.
I'm one year older.
Sad case la.
Anyone. This post is to thank everyone who wished me.

- Penny Jo
- Joanne Lim
- Andy Choong
- Evelyn Tan
- Sharon Kho
- Adelyn Wong
- MeL
- Donut
- Claudia

- Juena
- Ed Lee
- Dennis
- Anna
- Art
- Chia Ming
- Siv Santhira
- Jimmy Liew
- Joshua Kwan
- Andrew Chan
- Wen Dee
- Yanli
- Stephanie Lim
- Sabine Ong
- Winson Eng
- Kevin Kwen
- Wenger Yan
- Samuel Tan
- Frank Ooi
- Jonathan Bushy
- Yan Yun
- Jayden Koay
- Juanita Ooi
- Rachel Khoo
- Shiying Yeap
- Datin Mahidah
- Obdesh
- Donald Kho
- Jonathan Toh
- Jun Arn
- Janisha Patel
- Devamitra Thiagarajan
- Jie Ling
- Sebastian Chin
- Diviyan Raj
- Andrew Kon
- Chui Yi
- Leykkha
- Clement Long
- Jolene Chuah
- Arvinraj Applasamy
- Amanda Vi Brittania
- Claudia Ng
- Jeffrey Loh
- Chee Lau Kong
- Kylie Westlife
- Jason Lim
- Sheepz 'my partner' Ba!
- May Khoo
- Mable Lim
- Dillan de Vosse
- Lim Jiew Shang
- Jun Yung
- Mahesh Muturulan
- Fu Sheng
- Michael Toh
- Sim Foo Tong
- Lim Sze Jan
- Kenneth Yeoh
- Nathan Yeng

In College
- Bernard
- Ant
- Kevin
- Nahvin
- May Ling
- Christopher Huang
- Matthew Leon

This is everyone i can think bout right now. Soooooooo SORRY if i missed any of you out wei. :D Thanks for making my day people. =P

Everytime You Kissed Me

The title above is a song collaborated by Yuki Kajiura with Emily Bindiger. Amazingly awesome song. :)

Emily Bindiger is an American actress and singer who belongs to the award winning A cappella group "The Accidentals".

Here's the lyrics ;

Everytime you kissed me
I trembled like a child
Gathering the roses
We sang for the hope
Your very voice is in my heartbeat
Sweeter than my dream
We were there, in everlasting bloom

Roses die
The secret is inside the pain
Winds are high up on the hill
I cannot hear you
Come and hold me close
I'm shivering cold in the heart of rain
Darkness falls, I'm calling for the dawn

Silver dishes for the memories
For the days gone by
Singing for the promises
Tomorrow may bring
I harbour all the old affection
Roses of the past
Darkness falls, and summer will be gone

Joys of the daylight
Shadows of the starlight
Everything was sweet by your side, my love
Ruby tears have come to me, for your last words
I'm here just singing my song of woe
Waiting for you, my love

Now let my happiness sing inside my dream.....

Everytime you kissed me
My heart was in such pain
Gathering the roses
We sang of the grief
Your very voice is in my heartbeat
Sweeter than despair
We were there, in everlasting bloom

Underneath the stars
Shaded by the flowers
Kiss me in the summer day gloom, my love
You are all my pleasure, my hope and my song
I wil be here dreaming in the past
Until you come
Until we close our eyes.

Random Much.

First thing i saw when i finally came back to my blog today is Penny writing "update your blog for christ's sake!" :DGeeezz alright alright i'm updating now. Not that anyone would want to know what's on my thoughts anyway.

Oh yeah, i'm thinking bout going to YLDP as a helper this year. But not really sure whether to go or not. Argh the undecisive-ness of me. Everyone's going tho. Hhmm.. Will blog when i finally find the answer. :D Trying out a new game on facebook btw, Fish A Fish. Too bored out of my mind. :D Hahaha.

And i'm looking for a job now! :) Anyone know any in Penang? Lol. I have PDP in an hour. Sigh i'm missing the holidays again. Sucks to have classes again. And mid term's next week! Not to mention i got a quiz on Wednesday on Engineering Math. WTH. Gotta study otherwise i'm dead. Teehee.

Alright I'll be off catching fishes now. :) Oh and one more thing, i'm back on Plurk! SPAM! :D

What's wrong with me?

I can't seem to concentrate on my studies nowadays.
What's wrong with me?
Why am i going back to the way i was?
DotA everyday.
Didn't i promised myself i would quit dy?
Yet i seem to still be playing.
What's wrong with me?

You ask why i can't stop thinking of you?
Because the thing is,
I just can't say goodbye just yet.

Lappy~ :)

My new laptop!
Lenovo 3000 Y310

Superwoman! =]

I gotta apologize to Jojo for this oh-so-late post bout her.
It's not like i wanted to kay!
Superbly slow connect Kdu connection is supposedly better than disted konon and coupled with exams and the anxiety of results makes me as blur as a jellyfish.
So, the most important question here is,
Who's Superwoman since this post is mostly bout her.
She's a student by day, crime fighting sexytary by night.
Abit more of my history with her.
I met her during Prayer Conference in Ipoh.
Crazy girl who keeps hanging around with Ruth.
I think that's all i'm gonna blog about.

P.S Sorry if you don't like the picture but it's the only one i could find that has only your face!

Dead blog again.

Just realised my blog is dying again.
I promise after i get my laptop at the end of this month this will never happen again!
Although it's Lenovo, according to Penny it sucks.
A laptop is a laptop nonetheless. :)
Was supposed to go out with Tracy, Anne, Syaza and Mel yesterday but due to everyone having tests and whatnots.
Had to cancel :(
Ah well.
Going out with them tomorrow.
Syaza can't tho.
Ah well.
Will post pictures bout my laptop when it comes.
And i just found out, Starcraft2 is only coming out end of this year or next year.
Sometimes i hate Blizzard.
Oh well.
Have a great day people.

Sometimes it's dumb,
To care about you so much,
Yet you don't seem to care,
But then again,
I was never the smartest in class.